The Magical Hag Stone, See into a Magical World!

If you close one eye and look through the hole of the hag stone, you can see MAGICAL world and spirits!! IMAGINE MAGIC!!!!
It considered huge luck to have hag stone and wear it. It is these stones that you are to keep for protection, good luck and all the wishes.
It's rarely found near the sea or ocean and considered to be one of water elements. They are there in almost any ancient culture ... sometimes called "Magick" or Odin rock.
Its design is pure , simple and minimalist.

Holed Protection Stone, Unisex Hag Stone Pendant, Rare Nature Gift Necklace


OOAK Hag Holed Stone Eco Pendant Necklace, New Age Collection Sea Jewelry



Healing Witch Stone Necklace, Fairy Holistic Odin Runes Rock