All about Ganesha. Known to Bring Prosperity, Happiness and Destroyer of Evil Obstacles. Ganesha Room

 Hindu God Ganesha is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles.
Lord Ganesha Statue is known to Bring prosperity and happiness in your home & Office.
 Lord Ganesha is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.  Ganesh Sculpture can certainly be used for good Fengshui. 
In fact, feng shui being the art of creating harmonious, healthy and prosperous environments, is open to using any symbols, images and ideas that work for the home owner.
 108 Names of Lord Ganesha
Lord Ganesha – the symbol of auspiciousness, the destroyer of obstacles. 

108 names of Lord Ganesha for your understanding of the meanings of each name.  1 ( Numbers ) Akhuratha One whose chariot is pulled by a mouse

 2 ( Numbers ) Alampata Ever Eternal Lord

3 ( Numbers )Amit    Incomparable Lord

4 ( Numbers )Anantachidrupamayam  Infinite and Consciousness Personified

5 ( Numbers )Avaneesh   Lord of the whole World  Remover of Obstacles

7 ( Numbers )Balaganapati  Beloved and Lovable Child

  8 ( Numbers )Bhalchandra   Moon-Crested Lord
 18" Large Taj Ganesha Statue Hindu God Brass Sculpture Turquoise Ganesha Idol Decor Gift

9 ( Numbers )Bheema   Huge and Gigantic

1 ( Numbers )0 ( Numbers )Bhupati  Lord of the Gods
 9" Ganesh Statue- Large Metal Brass Ganesha Good Luck Home Vintage Style Collectible Figurine- Hindu Lord of Good Fortune & Prosperity Thanksgiving Gift Bhuvanpati   God of the Gods

Gangesindia Brass Sculpture Prathampujya Shri Ganesh

12) Buddhinath    God of Wisdom
 Gangesindia Lord Ganesh Brass Statue BS0009 (40.64 CM, 27.94 CM, 22.86 CM)

13) Buddhipriya  Knowledge Bestower

14) Buddhividhata  God of Knowledge

15) Chaturbhuj One who has Four Arms

16) Devadeva  Lord of All Lords

17) Devantakanashakarin  Destroyer of Evils and Asuras

18) Devavrata   One who accepts all Penances

19) Devendrashika  Protector of All Gods

20) Dharmik   One who gives Charity

21) Dhoomravarna   Smoke-Hued Lord

22) Durja  Invincible Lord

23) Dvaimatura  One who has two Mothers
 Statuestudio Ganesh Chaturbhuj Idol Brass Idol 15" Black

24) Ekaakshara   He of the Single Syllable

25) Ekadanta  Single-Tusked Lord

26) Ekadrishta   Single-Tusked Lord

27) Eshanputra  Lord Shiva’s Son

28)  Gadadhara   One who has The Mace as His Weapon

29)  Gajakarna  One who has Eyes like an Elephant

30)  Gajanana  Elephant-Faced Lord

31)  Gajananeti  Elephant-Faced Lord

32)  Gajavakra   Trunk of The Elephant

33)  Gajavaktra   One who has Mouth like an Elephant

34)  Ganadhakshya  Lord of All Ganas (Gods)

35)  Ganadhyakshina  Leader of All The Celestial Bodies

36)  Ganapati   Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
 15 Inch Ganesh Ganpati Statue Stone Sculpture Pinted Marble Ganesha Diwali Decor Gifts

37) Gaurisuta  The Son of Gauri (Parvati)

38) Gunina  One who is The Master of All Virtues

39)  Haridra   One who is Golden Coloured
40)  Heramba  Mother’s Beloved Son

41)  Kapila   Yellowish-Brown Coloured

42) Kaveesha Master of Poets
43) Kirti Lord of Music

44) Kripalu  Merciful Lord

45) Krishapingaksha  Yellowish-Brown Eyed
 Vedic Vaani Ganesha in Bird stone - 730 grams Green Idols

46)  Kshamakaram   The Place of Forgiveness

47)  Kshipra   One who is easy to Appease

48)  Lambakarna  Large-Eared Lord

49)  Lambodara   The Huge Bellied Lord

50)  Mahabala   Enormously Strong Lord

Gangesindia God Ganesh Maharaj Seated On Throne (40.01 CM, 22.23 CM, 16.51 CM) Multicolor

51)  Mahaganapati  Omnipotent and Supreme Lord
52)  Maheshwaram   Lord of The Universe
 Gangesindia Crawling Baby Ganesha Brass Sculpture

53)  Mangalamurti     All Auspicious Lord

54)  Manomay     Winner of Hearts

55)  Mrityuanjaya   Conqueror of Death

56)  Mundakarama    Abode of Happiness
 12" Ganesh Statue Hindu God Ganesha Brass Sculpture Ganpati Idol Decor Gift

57)  Muktidaya    Bestower of Eternal Bliss
 Statuestudio Ganesh Idols Brass Dancing Copper 23" Red

58)  Musikvahana    One who has Mouse as His Charioteer

59) Nadapratithishta  One who Appreciates and Loves Music

60)  Namasthetu of All Evils and Vices and Sins

61)  Nandana Lord Shiva’s Son

62)  Nideeshwaram of Wealth and Treasures

63)  Omkara   One who has the Form Of OM

64)  Pitambara    One who has Yellow-Coloured Body

65)  Pramoda   Lord of All Abodes

66)  Prathameshwara Among All
67)  Purush  The Omnipotent Personality

68)  Rakta  One who has Red-Coloured Body

69)  Rudrapriya Of Lord Shiva

70)  Sarvadevatman  Acceptor of All Celestial Offerings

71)  Sarvasiddhanta   Bestower of Skills and Wisdom

72)  Sarvatman  Protector of The Universe

73)  Shambhavi Son of Parvati
74)  Shashivarnam  One who has a Moon like Complexion

75)  Shoorpakarna  Large-Eared Lord

76)  Shuban Auspicious Lord
77)  Shubhagunakanan  One who is The Master of All Virtues
78)  Shweta who is as Pure as the White Colour
79)  Siddhidhata   Bestower of Success and Accomplishments

80)  Siddhipriya of Wishes and Boons

81)  Siddhivinayaka  Bestower of Success
82)  Skandapurvaja Brother of Skand (Lord Kartik)Ganesh Statue - Sitting On Elephant - Brass Idol - Yellow - Antique Décor - 17"

83)  Sumukha    Auspicious Face

84)  Sureshwaram    Lord of All Lords

85)  Swaroop of Beauty

86)  Tarun

87)  Uddanda of Evils and Vices
 Elephant Mask / Tibetan Silver Mask / Ganesha

88)  Umaputra   The Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati)

89)  Vakratunda  Curved Trunk Lord

90)  Varaganapati   Bestower of Boons

91)  Varaprada of Wishes and Boons

92)  Varadavinayaka Bestower of Success

93)  Veeraganapati   Heroic Lord

94)  Vidyavaridhi of Wisdom
 Gangesindia Vignaharta God Ganesh

95)  Vighnahara of Obstacles

96)  Vignaharta    Demolisher of Obstacles
 Statuestudio Ganesh Laxmi Idols Set Of 2 Seated Pose Antique 10" Gold

97)  Vighnaraja of All Hindrances

98)  Vighnarajendra    Lord of All Obstacles
 Safa Pagdi Ganesha the Blessing. A Colored & Gold Statue of Lord Ganesh Ganpati Elephant Hindu God Made in India

99)  Vighnavinashanaya of All Obstacles and Impediments

9.5" Lakshmi Ganesh Saraswati Idol Brass Sculpture Ganesha Statue Diwali Decor Gift

100) Lord of All Obstacles

101)   Vikat  Huge and GiganticStatuestudio Ganesh Idols Brass Chaturbhuja 15" Red

102)    Vinayaka   Lord of All

103)   Vishwamukha    Master of The Universe

104)    Vishwaraja of The World
 Lladró Veena Ganesha Figurine
1 of All Sacred and Sacrficial Offerings
106)  Yashaskaram of Fame and Fortune

107)   Yashvasin  Beloved and Ever Popular Lord

108)    Yogadhipa The Lord of Meditation" Diya Oil Lamp Ganesh Idol Brass Sculpture Puja Light Stand Ganesh Statue Diwali Decor Gifts

Ganesha, a Hindu God of Success

Taj Ganesha Statue Hindu God
Worshipping Ganesh is closely associated with routine life of innumerable Hindu families in India as well as abroad.
Ganesh is believed to be the Lord of success, who blesses his followers with their desired achievements by the obstacles of their paths. Hence, 'Vignaharta' is one of the popular names of Ganesh and it translates to the 'demolisher obstacles'. Here is a discussion about the belief of millions of people in Lord Ganesh being the guarantor of success Symbolism 
Ganesha enlightens the path of success , as his body and possessions symbolize different aspects of being successful in life.   
God Ganesha /Ganesh Riding on Mouse. Lord Ganesha represents Joy and happiness which is symbolic to bring Prosperity and Good Luck.

19" Tall Large Ganesh Statue Sitting on Mouse- Hindu Ganesha Lord God Elephant Idol Turquoise

 Ganesha's head represents the soul, which according to Hindu mythology, is considered to be the ultimate reality of life.
 Ganesha's human body is the symbol of physical existence of humans on the Earth. elephant head of the Lord signifies intelligence, which is important to achieve success.


 This Ganesha conveys the deep mystical connection between the divine musician, the sacred melody and the listener.
Long trunk symbolizes 'Om', which according to Hindu religion, is the basis of universe creation and a success hymn. goad in one of the right hands helps the Lord to remove obstacles from the path of his followers' success. noose in his left hand helps the Lord to ease out the difficulties faced by his followers.
Rosary in his one of the four hands propels his followers to continue gaining knowledge throughout the life. on Ganesh's waist represent the energies to achieve success.'s ride on mouse conveys human to become humble, even after being on top positions
The big ears of Ganesh are to assure that he listens to all his followers.
Lord Ganesh, with all his attributes mentioned above, is considered to develop a positive aura around him and remembering him brings positivism in life that leads to success in various desired forms.
Ganesha belongs to the family of supreme deities, each having a great importance in human life and continuation of the universe.