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Amazon College Checklist

The Amazon College Checklist contains products we think are essential for college students as they head off to school. Whether you are headed to college yourself, have a child going to college, or are looking for the perfect gift for a college student, we have everything you need. From backpacks to blenders, you'll find it here.
College Checklist
Our Dorm Room Essentials category has items like futons, twin XL sheets, coffee makers, rice cookers, laundry hampers, and more. In Entertainment you’ll find great ideas for study breaks, like video games, TVs, speakers, and headphones. We also recommend good-for-you and bad-for-you snacks in our Drinks & Eats category. You will find everything a college student needs to Organize & Clean, like vacuums, toilet paper, laundry detergent, storage boxes and more. Recommended products for college students in Health & Fitness include yoga mats, protein powder, active wear and workout products. Check out the Freshen Up section for essential grooming and beauty products. We also have Study items like notebooks, pens, highlighters, calculators, printers, and more. If you’re looking for technology, you’ll want to shop the Tech category where you'll find laptops, tablets, smart watches, e-readers, power strips, charging stations, wireless routers, and computer components.
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 10PC Complete Organization Set - TUSK Storage - Mint

HP 50g Graphing Calculator



Acer Chromebook 14, Aluminum, 14-inch Full HD, Intel Celeron Quad-Core N3160, 4GB LPDDR3, 32GB, Chrome, CB3-431-C5FM



TP-LINK OnHub AC1900 Wireless Wi-Fi Router - Google

  Five Star Notes

Pilot Gel Pens

Casio Scientific Calculator


Brother Printer


Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils

 Sharpie Highlighters

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The creation of GOAT STORY was inspired by the greatest discovery of all time – coffee! - GOAT STORY Mug, Hemp, 12 oz.
GOAT STORY Mug, Hemp, 12 oz. by Goat Story
Inspired by the original story of coffee discovery ...
The creation of GOAT STORY was inspired by the greatest discovery of all time – coffee! It was back in 13th century when a flock of goats stumbled upon a bush of berries
that made them go loco! Their shepherd decided to brew the berries and came up with the rich and flavorful drink we all adore nowadays! brand is dedicated to the ones worthy of the praise – goats

... crafted into a one-of-a-kind coffee mug.
It is not only the shape which makes it special, it is also the variety of materials that were chosen to suit different styles and preferences. We made sure to use top quality materials that are safe for you and will endure a long time. Because everyone needs their own dose of caffeine fix, we made it in two sizes 12 oz. and 16 oz.
How to place it on the table, you might ask?

Our most favorite feature of GOAT Mug is hidden in its holder. At first look it only serves as an insulator, in 1-2-3 it turns into a stand so you can easily place it on any flat surface. Baa-wesome, right?!

Harvested Maine Bladderwrack Seaweed Beauty Secrets

Of the 25,000+ seaweed species, we discovered organic, sustainably harvested Maine bladderwrack (brown) seaweed with its powerful properties. You can find this amazing seaweed across our full product line. Benefits of bladderwrack seaweed include: NUTRIENT-RICH: Over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids provide rejuvenating benefits to skin and hair. DETOXIFYING: Moderate iodine levels in bladderwrack seaweed help the skin's natural detoxification process to flush environmental toxins and heavy metals. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Fucoidan and phlorotannin, two bioactives in bladderwrack seaweed, have been shown in numerous studies to reduce redness and irritation in inflamed skin. MOISTURIZING: An abundance of amino acids helps to increase hydration and improve skin elasticity, which reduces the sign of aging. PROTECTING: UV-absorbing bioactive compounds in bladderwrack seaweed have been shown to help counteract the damaging effects of UV-A and UV-B radiation on skin and hair. SMOOTHING: Bladderwrack seaweed helps to increase microcirculation to aid the body in shedding excess fluids to reduce the appearance of cellulite. SUSTAINABLE: We carefully hand-pick and cut the bladderwrack seaweed in a way that allows it to regenerate to the same size or larger than we found it within 36 months.

The Seaweed Bath Co. Detox Cellulite Bar Soap