Dark Side of the Witch.



The Dark Side of the Witch

The point in this video is that the opposites (duality) we experience are not about good and evil, they are simply life in this physical universe, which is neutral.

Accepting our dark side is the acceptance of those aspects of ourselves that we don't like...
 which is what we see in those we despise the most.
  It is not dark, evil, or the mean person that practices Black Magick if you cross them.
If you were to really hurt someone, you may need psychiatric help. We all get pissed, that does not make us dark... 
it's just good practice for letting go, Imágenes con movimiento o gifs animados para celulareslearning to quiet the mind and control it...that is power.

The only devils
in this world are those running around in our own hearts, and that is where all our battles should be fought ~Gandhi~
Music: Beethoven Moonlight Sonata by Cafe del Mar