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Ancient Greek Bronze Museum Statue Replica of Minoan Era Snake Goddess Of Crete (1249)

by Iconsgr  - Snake Goddess indicates figurines of a woman holding a snake in each hand found during excavation of Minoan archaeological sites in Crete dating from approximately 1600 BCE. It seems that the two elegant idols found in Knossos represented goddesses and by implication, the term 'snake goddess' also describes the chthonic deity depicted. Little more is known about her identity apart from that gained from the figurines. These idols were found only in house sanctuaries, where the snake appears as "the snake of the household", and they are probably related with the Paleolithic tradition regarding women and domesticity. Evans tentatively linked the snake goddess with the Egyptian snake goddess Wadjet.

The famous throned goddess of Catal Huyuk on the left, the famous Venus of Hohle Fels on the right.
Catal Huyuk   Catal Huyuk a Neolithic Town in Anatolia

These types of death goddess figures are called “stiff nudes.

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Venus Of Willendorf Nlate Paleolithic Stone Statuette Found In Austria Dating From About 24000-22000 BC Poster Print by (24 x 36)

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