Reiki Master Pendant for Universal Energy Healing

The Reiki Universe Energy Pendant #1 Pendant for Professional Reiki Healers Those Wishing To Utilize Universe Energy for Healing on All Levels And Improved Manifestation for Themselves & Others! Energy or Personal Energy? The Reiki Pendant You to Utilize The Endless Resources of All of the Universe! we choose to help others, whether it be through psychic healing, intense wishing, prayer or concerned advice we effect their state through many channels. this help comes to them from our own personal storehouse of life force, thus leaving us drained. But it's not necessary to give your own energy to help people metaphysically, this is where Reiki's primary benefit to humanity is. way we can help infinite people, and empower them to utilize the Universe Energy themselves! is the True Power of the Reiki Lineages & Reiki Symbols! You Interested in Learning Reiki or other Healing Modalities? Pendant Will Help you Get Acquainted with The Universe's Abundant Energy Quicker! The Reiki Universe Energy Pendant Encourages Continual Healing within Yourself, Your Friends, Loved Ones! The Universe Energy Reiki Pendant's Innovative & Effective Prayer Compartment! Universe Energy Reiki Pendant with a beautifully designed Prayer Compartment to hold your written wishes to Heal yourself, others or to manifest that which you desire by enlisting all of the universe in its creation! This adds the benefit of the written word as well as the inscriber's connection to the universe through drawing the appropriate Reiki symbols. You may also include symbols of personal and or Religious importance to yourself - you are only limited by your imagination! Along the Prayer Compartment's inner walls there are inscribed Reiki Symbols that encourage Healing of the Mind, Body & Spirit and the Symbol to send the Intention across Time & Space!
  A Reiki Master Pendant with ALL the Traditional Reiki Symbols as well as New Generation found to be effective in Healing
Reiki Symbols Synergistically woven together to allow Simultaneous Healing of the Practitioner as you Heal clients and loved ones. 
This pendants Many, incredible uses include: A prayer Pocket filled all around its hidden interior with symbols of manifestation. This allows for a written wish or affirmation to be placed within the Pendant and worn until manifested! 
The Reiki Master Pendant also Heals and Balances ones work environment, and it can be attached to doorways, stood on office desks as well as meditation spaces!
The Reiki Master Pendant can be held in several ways and used as a wand on clients and/or one's self. And because of the many remote acting Reiki Symbols it can be used long distance.

Reiki Master Pendant for Universal Energy Healing Sterling Silver, Platinum & 24k Gold Accents: 100s of Authentic Usui Reiki Japanese Tibetan Symbols Prayer Manifestation: Metaphysical Spiritual New Age Jewelry Yoga Meditation Atlantis Aura Magic Norse Mythology Archangels Clairvoyance