Moon Magick

Alessandro Safina Luna Tu


Moon Magick Spell Casting

Best time to do Moon Casting spell.Well, There are many factors to consider.  knowledge of the right moon phases, days of the week, and even physical time in order to get the best results out of your spell.
Here are the the basics  Moon magick.  Learn these basics will  help your spells become more effective. You don't have to follow these rules specifically, but adding this information can help your spell become more complete.
Moon Phases and Magick
The moon is a very important part to casting spells.  As you learn more about spell casting and Wicca, you will learn what works best for you, and what moon phases work best with the type of magick you do.  Once you get familiar with this information it will become easier for you to understand and adapt to your needs. Moon Magick is working with the earth on a spiritual level to get whatever it is that you are seeking. You should work with the flow of the universe. Use this as a general reference.


The Waxing moon lasts around 14 days. The moon is called the waxing moon when it is moving from the new moon phase to the full moon phase. The moon is growing and getting larger. The moon has a magnetic pull during this time affecting all things with her energy. This is a time when you may feel more empathic or psychic as the moon in the phase heightens our spiritual abilities. This is a great time to do spells for increase including;
 new relationships,
 the beginning of longer spell rituals,
 healing and well being.
 The moon is like the maiden Goddess in this aspect.

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This is the time between the full moon to the dark moon. 
This is crone aspect of the Goddess.

This is a time for decrease as the moon is moving from the full moon to the new moon.

The magickal energies you need to do effective spell casting is still there but are lower as the moon is in a state of decrease. is the best time to do a spell to get rid of something,

banish, ban, and let go of the things you don't need in your life.
This is a great time to do spells to banish bad or negative thoughts/energies, to do spiritual cleansings, removed negative vibes, do a spell to loose weight, a time for letting go of the past. THE FULL MOON

This happens around 14 days after the new moon and is the mother aspect of the Goddess. This is when your magickal energies are heightened. You should use this time to do the spell or spells that take a lot of energy or a lot of preparation. I usually do one or two spells of this level during this time.
This is great time to do a spell for manifestation, nurturing, passion, strength and power.
 This is my favorite time to do magick as I do full blown rituals during this time.

Traditionally this is a time for REST for all witches. Witches don't do magick during this time

usually, as it has been said that any spells done during this time will not work and may even backfire on you.


In Wicca this is said to bring trouble. It is said to be a warning and to mean that something bad may be on the way.
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Happy Moon Magicking.