Protection Room.

Agrimony - powerful strengthener and healer, also used for cleansing, is believed to remove jinxes and hexes
 Alder -  . Alder indicates protection and oracular powers
 Aloe - guards against negative and evil influences, in Egypt used as a religious symbol for protection and patience, used for protection and luck
 Angelica - has "angelic" virtues, healing powers: Angelica was known as herba angelica (angelic herb) in medieval times, because it was believed to cure all ills.  Sprinkled at the four corners of the home to ward off evil, added to baths removes curses, hexes, enchantment or any evil spells that have been cast against you. May be especially useful for protection of women an children.
 Anise/Aniseed - used in spiced cakes, weddings and other Roman feasts to aid digestion, averts the evil eye, used in pillows to deter nightmares, used for protection and meditation, will help to drive off evil spirits, is said to be especially powerful when combined with bay leaves to purify, placed in a room will drive off evil, placed around the magic circle will protect the you from evil spirits, can be used to call forth spirits to aid in magical workings. May also be used to enhance psychic powers
 Basil - flight protection, used in ancient royal medicines and still associated with royalty, disinfects, protects the spirit, love: if a man should accepts a sprig from a woman he shall later fall in love with her, carry in your pocket for wealth, keep a basil plant to ensure a happy home ³no evil can dwell where there is basil², purification, protects the dead from evil as they travel to the next world and offers them entrance into paradise, Indians chose this herb to swear their oaths upon in court, was found growing around Christ's tomb after the resurrection, some Greek Orthodox Churches use it to prepare the holy water, and pots of Basil are sometimes set below Church altars, masculine plant which corresponds to the fire element, the planet Mars and the deities Vishnu and Erzulie, added to love incenses and sachets, and the fresh leaves can be rubbed against the skin as a kind of natural love perfume, can also be used in exorcism incenses and in purification baths.
 Bay - promotes vitality, a symbol of glory, reward, honor and greatness, purifies, good for strength and healing, aids psychic abilities, protects (especially against witchcraft, thunder and lightening) used by Delphine priestesses, a symbol of the newborn god and is a masculine herb, combine with anise for strong protection powers, is especially powerful when casting against someone else.
 Beech - nourishment, ancient knowledge (it's name means "book") use to gain insight and guidance as well as for protection
 Betony - use with honey to refresh (especially for weary travelers) Egyptians thought hat it was magical for protection, it is said to keep a house happy
 Birch - protection, shelter, fertility (especially for newlyweds) healing magic, children's cradles were made from its wood, associated with the Norse god Thor, criminals were at one time birched to drive out evil influences on them.
 Blackberry  sacred to the goddess Brigid, prosperity, protection, money, wealth, healing, use leaves to repel evil spirits from your home or to return ill will sent to you.
 Boldo -Said to repel and keep away evil spirits, bad customers, unruly people, and even diseases.
Broom - protects against the fae, is a sign of plenty and heraldry
Broom - protects against the fae, is a sign of plenty and heraldry
 Calamus - A root which was a common ingredient in Witches Flying Potions, also used for control and domination spells.
 Calendula - protects, blessings,  Stops evil from entering when strung over doorway, under bed it will protect the person sleeping over it, gives prophetic dreams (especially lucky number dreams), helps to win respect and admiration, strong sight and heart, masculine herb which corresponds to the Fire element and the Sun. It is also called Pot Marigold but quite different from the marigolds most commonly seen at garden centres.
 Caraway - prevents theft, protects against all evil spirits and negativity, believed by some to be especially effective for protecting children, encourages fidelity and is used to keep a love, baked into cookies or bread it is believed to induce lust, chew on the seeds to gain the love of one that you desire, also strengthens memory and helps in studying, masculine plant which corresponds to the air element and the planet Mercury, any object which holds some caraway seeds is said to be theft-proof, seeds are sachets and talismans to attract a mate

Cayenne - increases mental powers, helps with happiness, breaks bad spells, used in love spells this will ensure that the love is spicy

Chives - joy, happiness, love and positive emotions, holds some magical powers such as the ability to drive away evil

Cloves - banishes evil, protects, will attract good luck
Coltsfoot - aid psychic visions or to remove sickness and mental problems especially when included in an incense
Comfrey - once known as Knitbone, because the leaves and roots were traditionally used in poultices to mend fractures, healing, protects (especially during travel), helps you to keep the money that you have, "comfrey is for comfort" soothes the spirit

Cumin Seeds - believed to keep evil and bad luck away from your home, to keep your lover faithful.

Daisy - daisy chains protect against the fae

Dandelion - strengthens, cleansing, as a tea will enhance 'Second sight¹ or psychic powers, use when everything seems to be going wrong
Devil's Shoe String - a root which may be used for protection from crossing and gossip, for gambling luck, for employment
Dill - protection when hung in doors or carried in a sachet, when added to a bath is said to make the bather irresistible, stimulates lust when eaten or smelled, charm against witchcraft, strengthens the mind sleep, known as "meeting' seed", because children were given Dill seed to chew on during long sermons, sniffing Dill is known to cure the hiccups

Dragon's Blood - is a resin which comes from a palm tree named so because when burned it looks like blood. It increases the power of other herbs and oils. Other uses for dragon's blood are: love, protection, exorcism, money and wealth
Elder/Elderberry - home of the Norse goddess Freya, dangerous to sleep under or to cut, any items made from this are bad luck especially cradles which will give the child no rest, this may also protect against evil and bring luck during wedding ceremonies, to stand under during MidSummer Nights Ever will allow you to see the King of the fae, gives strength, used as magical horses, the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end is represented in this tree, healing of the mind and spirit, Elder re grows damaged branches with ease, in general the tree is poisonous, in medieval times it was the abode of witches
Elm - the abode of the faeries, adds stability and grounding, cleansing and healing, often associated with Mother and Earth Goddesses, Kipling; "Ailim be the lady's tree; burn it not or cursed ye'll be".
Eucalyptus - To drive away pestiferous people and also for personal cleansing after contact with evil.

Fennel - healing, sight, protect against evil especially when bunches are hung over the door on Mid-Summer Night Eve. May also be used to keep the law away, to strengthen a women's courage, to prevent curses.

Fern - Used to prevent jinxes, to remove evil spirits from the home, to help ward off burglars.
Feverfew - combating migraines, protects against illness and accidents, strength (especially for women), mild sedative and as a tonic to relieve muscles spasms, a masculine plant which corresponds with the water elements and the planet Venus. May be carried by accident prone people to prevent mishaps. Was considered a cure all in the past

Flax Seeds - Used to increase psychic abilities and mental powers, and for protection of children also will aid sleeping ... very good addition to dream pillows.

Garlic - magical powers against evil, very strong as a protector, healing, and good health, used to seal an oath by the Egyptians,   prevents competitors from getting ahead of you, can cause visions, strengthens (especially used by the Romans) Almost always one of the main ingredients in Four Thieves Vinegar

Grains of Paradise - For good luck, protection of the house, to get a job, and to make wishes come true

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