The Crow Room

Lee DeWyze  

"Blackbird Song" as heard on 

The Walking Dead

"Blackbird Song"
Pack your things

Leave somehow

Blackbird song

Is over now
Mouths are dry


River runs


Hands are tied


Preachers son
Pack your things


Leave somehow

Blackbird song

Is over now
Don't be scared

I'm still here
No more time

For crying dear



The major meaning The
Crow is to be a guide and the Gods' messenger.
In Black Africa, the crow warns men that dangers are menacing them.
The crow is their guide and a protector spirit.
For Mayas, he is the messenger of the God of lightning and thunder.
In Celtic civilization, he has prophetic functions.
Bodb, Goddess of the war,
takes the form of a raven to observe the battlefields.
The crows' fly and cawings told the future.

The crow was also linked to Bran, God of the sailors (bran means crow in gaelic) : the sailors had crows on their boats.
They released them at sea. They flied in the direction of the earth. The same idea is in the Bible (after the flood Noah released first a crow),in India and in Norway.
In Greece the crow foretold the future : a raven stood near the Pythie of Delphes  
during her prediction. It is generally said in Greece that the white crow guides messengers.
This function of messenger of the Gods (especially Apollo's messenger),
 may have its origin in a greek legend
Coronis was unfaithful to Apollo, and a crow informed him. According to Ovide, the crow was originally white. Apollo made him become black to punish him for bringing bad news. Apollo even took a form of crow to guide Santorin's people to Cyrena. And two
 crows showed Alexander the Great the road to Amon's sanctuary.

Hugi and Munnin (Thought and Memory), are Odin's companions.
In scandinavian mythology, they travel all over the world and come back to tell Odin all the events that happens on earth.
In the mithraic cult, Sol(the God Sun)
entrust the crow with telling Mithra to sacrifice the bull.
In Japan, crows are also divine messengers, and in China they are the faerie queen
Hsi-Wang-Mu's messengers.
They also bring her food and are a good omen.
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