Hip Hop Witch's Bling Room - Mandinga feat. Muneer - Bling (Official Video)

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Bling Jewelry  bling bling jewelry has been extremely popular among rap artists over the past decade. The diamond encrusted iced out jewelry ranging from bling bling pendants, earrings, and hip hop watches has become a symbol of success.

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Mandinga feat. Muneer - Bling (Official Video)
Bling jewelry is now worn by a large percentage of youth around the world. Fans to bling like their favorite rappers.
Bling jewelry is most often found in the form of heavy gold and platinum chains, large diamonds, and flashy belt buckles but now it is made affordable with new bling . It's the latest trend hitting the streets and it's coming in all forms, shapes and sizes. From Dog Tags and clothing to real diamond watches and micro pave earrings, Hiphop jewelry fashion is here to stay! People love its versatility and the accentuated fashion statement it makes.

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